The case of the missing bill

Today’s was a guiltily happy day at work. “Why?” you’d ask. What why? Shouldn’t I have a happy day?..

I came across this blog of Narendra Shenoy and have been giggling or laughing away to myself. I shared it on whatsapp, made fun of a cousin in the cousins group and hello, my wife, who is also part of that whatsapp group calls me. Now, I don’t think one should think this way, but somehow I always misinterpret if my wife calls, if I am active on whatsapp. This time I assumed that since she saw me active on one whatsapp group, in office hours, obviously I am not busy with work. Which wasn’t entirely wrong (grins).

As parents of an 8 month old infant, we tend to discuss a lot about the baby and my wife had to explain how my daughter had slept for 2 hours straight after her food (she had woken us up early today and kept playing with us to wake us up early too). After narrating this, she had nothing else to add, usually there is, ‘get this or that while returning’. The mocking skunk that I am, I replied it with a, “hey, today I have work to give for you” (bless the poor thing, she ignores my satire), “..the towel that we had planned to exchange today(it had a hole), search for its bill”, I said.

She groaned with an “abba…” and I chuckled at her misery. “The cooking needs to be done, baby food to be prepared and fed, and I am hungry too”, she continued. “Search in your wallet na, maybe you placed it there”. I had opened my wallet earlier in the day for breakfast and checked for the bill already, so I informed her.

After around 2 hours, my wife called again, “are you sure you don’t have it with you? Nothing on the sofa, or on the beds”
Me: “Check in all the covers that the market guys gave us, check below the sofa, may be it is in your pant pockets or mine that we wore yesterday. Search re, I will take the receipt and exchange the towel, you just give me the receipt”
Wife: “checked, it isn’t there. Now you only go to that super market with the torn towel, if they don’t exchange, buy a new one”
Me (in a slightly accusatory tone): “mamma,.. how can you be so irresponsible …did you check all the covers? That vegetable cover? Didn’t you keep the vegetables in the fridge?”
Wife: “ Checked that. I think I used one cover to discard the baby diaper”
Me: I am an art cinema enthusiast , I think this calls for a pregnant pause.
Wife: “ok…wait”
Baby in the background seems to be enjoying the fun: “aayyyyyyeeeeee”.
I am giggling away to glory imagining my wife digging her hands in the dustbin. The ewwws and awkkks adding to my bursting pregnant pause.
Baby : “attah.. aaaayyy… attttah”.
Wife: “chiii.. abba, I just had a bath and held this diaper just where it shouldn’t be held”.
I am struggling to suppress the laughter, tears streaming.
Wife: “You are laughing naa…. Badmaassh!!”
In between the suppressed laugh and bursting tears, I can only muster a squeak, I laugh listening to my own squeak too. I am helpless!

Wife: “Laugh laugh..I found the bill, it is in the diaper. Now you know what to do. <Pregnant Pause> ”