Exercises by the daughter

Dimpi (unused pet name of hers) is 3.5 now. And she is finally enjoying her skating classes. It is somewhat happy and sad for us though. We(the parents) have started realizing that our weekends aren’t fun for us anymore, but really happy to see her take it up with interest now. It was post 5 weekends of crying not to. That topic for later though.. today is for something else.

Dimpi is now back to sticking and playing with me. People who have seen us since she was months would wonder if there was ever a time she did not. But I write this piece here to mark it, there was a month or so.

Haa, so we are just returning from her classes and walking through the park when she suddenly shifts from a running race with me to “baba, let’s exercise”. For a moment I felt conscious, but it was anyway dark enough, who cares. She acted as the teacher and I am her student.

Dimpi, “up (both hands raised) and down.

Baaaba, you dooo”

And I gave in, she made me swing my arms, jump, spread them wide (and I directed her a few to teach me) it was fun. I did see the passerbys looking at us, but didn’t mind. Must have been a cute sight, I myself wished my wife was recording it, but holding the pram, she seemed to be smiling and enjoying it too. I am so happy that I share this sort of relation with my daughter, the kind where we play together. It gets irritating most times, I confess, specially when I am on some call, or eating and she insists on playing. But overall, I enjoy it. There is this content feeling in life right now which makes me wish life stays like this. I am of course fully aware it won’t and will change in few months.

I do want to be the parent who let’s his daughter play with other kids and watch from far, but she just doesn’t do that when I am around. I have to play with her and whoever else she is playing with. Like I said, I enjoy being that, but also know that this isn’t right. I sort of sense that with she finally enjoying skating and then joining the other kids post the classes in running around, this would be the beginning. I am doing my bit here so that she plays herself with others, but as of now, I am still the odd elder among < 6 kids running with them sometimes, or watching them play from close quarters. Till then though I don’t mind being the smile bringer too. Like the 2 elderly ladies who in the park watched adorably at Dimpi teaching me the drills.

I was also smiling internally when we caught up with them at the signal and I asked them “Baagunaara”(how are you). Must have been a surprise to have this stranger who they were talking about speak with them in their language :-p. Around 2 yrs back, we had come across each other at a mutual friends place. With the kid being too small then and me spreading my weight evenly around, plus the beard and all, I am sure they must be thinking when did they meet this guy. Haha, small funs of looking like a grown up instead of a clean shaven youngster.

After the classes, before we made friends