Blogpost, because – no blog post

There’s no writers block, no lack of content either. There is a lack of coherence to frame what I want to, but I had many things to write about in the past months. Be it the coke without fizz movie of Dhoni (what untold story, songs?), or the very valid slap and punch of the Pink movie. I am thinking too much to be able to type something. Hopefully I will still blog my thoughts on the whole topic that Pink revolved around. I have always been concerned about the sorry situation that woman are in, and that movie was like a mirror and reminder to me:  “there don’t you try to close your eyes and ignore this” kind of reminder.

There were many other things that I want to blog about too, because I am not a man of reviews, but experiences. I also wanted to blog about the pessimism that reeks within me, the regular additions that I will probably continue to want to add to Party means only drinks aa? , thoughts that make me unravel myself to me.

I wanted to record my thoughts when I parted with my daughter (just for couple of months, for work related matters), want to write how I feel when I see her video or watch her on video calls. Hopefully I will. I should. Because, you, my dear one shall continue to make me realize that while I procrastinate, you grow and shall add to my joy with everyday. Joys I would want to revisit and feel, but I’ve been lazy.

I will write my thoughts, sachhi, I promise! I write these words with the towering shadow of procrastinating thoughts behind me, saying ‘really, and what are you doing now? What were you actually supposed to?’

Mocking the meek willed me.