O Google, how considerate art thou

Holding the cigarette just like she held a pen, and straining to distinguish in the nights darkness, Anjali verified again if she had the correct end pointing towards her. Clutching the cigarette between her index and ring finger as carelessly as she could, she placed it in the corner of her lips.As4wK1i8tREo-MQFvxBDg8hgftOpUFBeb8JQ3x5usWAA

Her flat was on the seventh floor of the building and the gentle wind made her kurti flap at the borders. Twice the cigarette lighter flickered and died, the flame then came up with a silght blowing sound at the third attempt and danced with the breeze. Cupping her one hand over the cigarette butt, she lit with the other.

“Left Hand please”, Manu had said to her when she had tried it first time. “The burnt smell will linger on your fingers and you wouldn’t appreciate it if you use your right hand” he had explained. With a sigh, Anjali used her left hand.

She sucked the air through the cigarette as she would have done when using a straw. ‘Inhale. Try and feel the smoke travelling within your system’, she thought to herself.
“oooodi”, he would have exclaimed, if he had been around, but he didn’t. He couldn’t. He was dead. Instead, her mobile screen flashed with a beep sound.

Manu always had the same thing to say to her. “Be happy, I want to see you happy always”, and had tried various things to keep her happy in their few months of friendship. Cigarette was one such fascination that he had made her realize, she hardly knew she was fascinated about it till he gave her the idea one night.

A similar moonless night.

“Imagine you are a hot heroine standing in your beach facing house, you are angry and you are mean, and now light this” he had said and given her a cigarette on the same balcony, “when you blow out, blow it with meanness, with pride” and she had let it out just like that, ‘meet Anjali, the celebrity’, she had felt.


Unfortunately he had drowned in a mishap sometime later. She only realized how important he had become after that incident. Too late. Although their friendship hadn’t been for long, his death had a telling impact on her. She found it even more important to be happy now, however long she lived, as that was what he would have asked for. After trying hard for 6 months, she thought she should try the celebrity experience again.


A second beep on her mobile, this time it was an email. Anjali checked it and was taken aback. The message was about a verification code to access Manu’s gmail and she had to verify it by giving the verification code. Confused, she read on, the mail also had a short text which were unmistakably how Manu addressed her :

“Oy kyatobhi hai ye, gmail asked me to maintain contacts in case of account inactivity and I can’t think of anyone than you for this, if this reaches you immediately, toh don’t tell me if you read my mails. I will feel shy to face you”.

Anjali wasn’t sure if this was a joke, she followed as instructed and to her amazement, she had now access to all of Manu’s mails! They were a few spam mails, but only 3 read emails in the inbox, all with the sender displayed as Manu himself. The subject of the 3 emails read, ‘Diary Entry1: Anjali the friends friend’, ‘Diary Entry2: Anjali, my friend, the celebrity’ and reading the last subject made her chuckle out loud, it read,

Diary Entry4: Anjali haha, I knew it! So I deleted no.3 :D’. Smiling from ear to ear, she wiped her tears. He knew how to make her happy even now! Suddenly the world wasn’t really that dull as it seemed. She now knew for sure what she always felt, ‘he wanted her to stay happy’, always!

Wondering what the Entry 3 was, she checked the trash, but there was nothing there. She then clicked on ‘sent’ and the only entry remaining there read

Diary Entry3: Anjali, my crush/love?


Welcome to KyaToBhi people!

‘Inactive account manager’? Yes, it literally means that you can maintain a few trustees whom you can assign the authority to access your google content in case you haven’t logged in into your account for a specified time period. Now even if I don’t have huge money and properties to pass on to my friends and kin, I can atleast share more of my world with them 😉

Whats more, I also have the option to control what content I want to give access to! If you are wondering where and how you get this, navigate to google-‘my account’ to the below pageInactive account manager

So, suppose you have a google drive, a gmail, a youtube account all linked with a particular id, then you could filter which content you want your trustee to be able to access to and write an email message you want to be delivered.



Now how cool is that!  Just remember not to spook anyone 😀 . There are chances of your email reaching the people after, well, not to mean anything wrong to my readers-touch wood, lets just say after you’ve reached the other end of ‘full stop’.

In case you are wondering what if you just add your GF/BF now and suppose she/he isnt entitled for this info later? Google has covered that too!

a. You have the option to change the person (Duh! You thought google to be dumb?)

b. You get to choose the inactive time period after which this will trigger. More over, google will also inform you before the ‘inactive’ time period is reached.

c. Err… I am not in mood to type more, how about you try it out yourself ? Isn’t it thoughtful of google to give us this option?

What kind of mail would you like to type and address it to whom? Do mention in the comments section, I would love to read them.

Also, since this is some useful piece of information, and it is also my first article, how about sharing this article around? Will make me feel good . Any other suggestions or additional comments on the write up are welcome too.

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