Discussion on bathrooms and MBA

I was always advised, “do an MBA, it will open many doors for opportunities”, I ended up doing post graduate diploma and not, MBA, probably this is the reason why I never find an open bathroom door . Why else would it be that today, a guy actually opens the esteemed door to come out and then looking at me, slammed the door shut!  I consoled myself that he probably forgot to complete his primary purpose of visit, a possibility confirmed after I heard a few sounds which vaguely sounded like elephant sneezes. Thank god my highly efficient hydraulic brake system successfully sent back the ‘wait’ signal to the liquid dispatching section, the motion was almost approved.

Much to my amusement, I’ve observed that whenever I bring my flashy little water  bottle, my office floor temperature begins on its task of promoting the winters of Kashmir.We have 3 WCs and no urinals per floor ( and I sit on the other end of the other wing of my floor) and by the time I reach the washroom I am already in the stage of the lighted batti of a hydrogen bomb (Google Diwali bombs if you are that one Ethiopian reader of mine). I look at myself in the mirror, walk around as if I am on invigilation rounds and keep guessing if I have heard a flush somewhere. If nothing for a minute, then the walk back begins. Another time my friend, another time.  I remember reading that drinking loads of water improves your fitness level – that guy probably works on the same floor as I do.

I am more scared of the portly ones, so I usually make it a point not to enter the premises if they are in the vicinity, because

a. they would have so much to contribute

b. they may have so much possible legacy to leave behind.

So my dear readers, I have evolved and matured to a great understanding of the self and wish to share these with you.

  • Even if there are no premonitions of the grand performance approaching, it is advised to occupy the throne and plan the day calendar on the thought-pot. You can always read THIS blog for motivation.
  • Get rid of the ‘pehle aap’ disease, because, refer to point b above. Also, sometimes I only have water donation program and the other may have an Ekta Kapoor serial planned.
  • If by rare chance, you find a vacant cabin, check if the jet faucet and others have ammunition (Previous experiences and visuals need not be shared for reference).

And yes, convinced as you (kyatobhi) are, an MBA degree wouldn’t have ensured an open door, it does not stand for Master of Bathroom Avenues.