Coz I decided I should start with something, again

So, I am in this metro now. And I’ve decided I will start writing, or typing, this instant. No more procrastinating.

I have an uncle sleeping with his chin resting on his chest. Sleeping. No snoring, wah.. wish I could do that. His hairs are all white too. The beard white mixing with his scalp white across his sidelocks. But I do need to tell why I chose him to describe. Thats because he has his shirt button open. Or broken? I can’t see if there’s a button.. and he is not conscious about it.

Then now to this guy standing right in front of me. Both his hands up, holding the hand railings (is that what they are called?) This guy seems to be having a constant smirk on his face. The left side of his upper lip, a bit raised, as if he is smirking at me for sitting comfortably while he stretches both his hands to hold on. What else do I notice? He has a brown belt on his blueish black jeans. With 2 holes of his belt slightly used, but the third is being used. Matlab? Saala reduced 2 inches of his tummy? He doesn’t look like he ever had the fat on! Huh.. jaa re, i am yet to reduce such inches on my belt.

Now to the guy on my right. He seemed to want this attention. He had held his phone in his hand and suddenly shook and caught his phone before it fell of his hands. Good catch, but hey, your phone screen is already cracked. Oo hoo.. seems like you are my brother :-p. Wait, you are wearing your watch on right hand. Ahaa.. so you are in the, ‘i want to be different than others’ mind set aa! I was in those stages many times. All the best man. Mai likhteich uth gaya utarne.. jaa tera character khatam.

My stop is still 3 stops away. Looks like this lady beside me is a chatter box. Probably mallu, but her tongue seems to be pronouncing sanskrit to me. With the occasional english added in.

So we shared 20 mins of our life together people. None of you will know me. Nor will I know you even if we met. But safe travel junta. I rush of for the dussehra bhojnam early from office. Tata